Banter, Silliness, Dyads, Obsessive Compulsive – 202

Both of us just cutting loose in Calgary where it was -35 Celsius (darn cold!)

Good to have a warm bed to cuddle in and let it out.

What can I even say about this?

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Banter, Silliness, Dyads, Obsessive Compulsive – 202

Both of us just cutting loose in Calgary where it was -35 Celsius (darn cold!)

Good to have a warm bed to cuddle in and let it out.

What can I even say about this?

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Join Us Under The Covers :-)) wink wink ;-))) – 201

Yes join us under our bedroom covers… :-))

Nuff said…

Ignite Passion Now and get under the covers more often.

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Can Feminine Business Rock? -200

We were giving a seminar in Palm Springs and we met up with our long time friend Sanandra.  She is the owner and operator of Sea Chi Organics.

Suzanne and I use her body products and her Kombucha and love them!

Sexy, smooth and good for your body inside and out.

What is amazing about Sanandra is how she runs a successful business from her Feminine wisdom.  She even has a cool room dedicated to Feminine replenishment – you have to see it :-)

So if you think all businesses are stuck in Masculine achievement, then watch this and see a new way of Feminine success that is right for our times!

Thanks for being a great host Sanandra – and Passion Igniters, go visit her site and check it out

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What we are eating for Vibrant Sex – part 2 – 193

Our new friend Jason shares some food that ramps up the sexual vibe and vitality.

You have to see this food – it actually tastes incredible and is super good for you!

Check out these virility-raising foods that will balance your body and tune you up for great sex!

Love to hear your shares in the comments area :-)

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What we are eating for Vibrant Sex – 192

On our Vegas trip we had some great food and met a really awesome guy – Jason.

This guy is on FIRE! Such energy, vitality and positivity!

He shares about what he does to stay so passionate!

He inspired us so much – Thanks Jason-we love you!

Comment and let us know how what you eat affects your passion.

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Vegas goes sour and then sweet… – 191

OK, Suzanne is ticked off…She shares her heat and I hope I’m getting it.

In the last episode she turned me off by putting my stuff where I can’t find it.  (Anyone else experience this?)

You have to see how we actually go from turned off and resentful to coming close again, real time…

This is how we do love when stuff comes up.

Like, share and post your comments.  We are curious how you deal with the little things  that piss you off.

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Our surprise Vegas trip turned sour :-( – 190


We just recently went to Vegas for a good time and guess what…Suzanne does this little thing and crash! …the passion falls through the floor :-(

So many couples do this silly thing with good intentions.

This is sorta funny and not…

Find out how we deal with this passion killer

This is part one, as we didn’t have the solution yet.

Do share this one with everyone, hit like and let’s hear your comments – should be interesting to say the least.

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What did I do to lose my lover? – 189

When break ups happen, it’s hard :-(

Suzanne shares how we can get so wrapped up in certain things that it actually repels a partner and makes them end the relationship.

Listen to this important tid-bit and avoid it, OK.

Love to hear your insights, wins and learnings in the comments area, and kindly like and share with your friends – thanks!

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Do you really want to know why Cheating goes on? – 188

Infidelity has led to many breakups and divorces and it costs for a lifetime.

Here Suzanne and I dive into the physics that are running behind the scenes that bring you closer or have your lover look elsewhere…

Nuff said…watch, comment, like and share and help us get this vital message out. OK!

Sending you intentions for the strongest bonding ever with your Partner – and have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day 😉

Embracing You from Us…

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Our Juicy Valentines Gift for You?

Happy Valentine’s!

We are so grateful for all your interest in our videos, our work and sharing it with your friends.

We know that Valentine’s can be everyday and for a life time!

So, on this special occasion celebrating Love, we’d love to express our gratitude to You by giving you our Sex, Passion and Enlightenment CD set (downloadable version – click here ).

It’s our gift for you as a way of saying thank you for being a fellow Passion Igniter and spreading the Love and Sizzle :-)))

We also want to make available – to 5 Couples – a 30-minute complimentary session with us.  After you download A Lifetime of Sex, Passion and Enlightenment audio, click the “Book a Session” link.  If you are one of the 5 couples, we’ll meet over Skype or phone and find out what’s happening in your relationship and help you come up with a plan to ramp up your passion big time, whether it’s ho-hum and you want it hot, or it’s hot already and you want it to get scorching ;-))

So download your audio set now and enjoy!

And if you’d like some personal coaching from us then fill out the questionnaire after you download.  “Book Session Now”

All our Love and Positive energy for your Relationship!

Ignite Passion Now, everything else can wait!

We LOVE and Appreciate YOU!

Satyen and Suzanne

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When should I turn up the Sex Vibe Transmission, and when I should turn it down? – 187

We share many times how to turn up the Sexual Vibe and how to transmit it to your Lover.

Yet, there are important times to turn the flame down for practical reasons.

Here Suzanne and I share with you some intimate details of when we turn it up like rabbits, and turn it down for certain reasons.

Watch this and learn how to…

  • Scan the appropriateness of your Sexual Vibe transmission
  • Why we sleep in different rooms, huh?
  • Subtle turn offs you are probably making

This Video has some funny things we all could look out for more…enjoy.

Take a short moment to like,subscribe and share so we can flood the World with sacred Sex and Love…

Really feeling You and sending You our Hearts and Passion!

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We are Sexual Beings, It’s our Grace – 186

Being Sexual is our Divine Grace, to be enjoyed with our Lovers without guilt and restraint.

Here we share with you how to…

  • Play the push and pull of playful tussle
  • When to turn down the heat when it’s appropriate
  • Releasing guilt about Sex and magnifying Pleasure

Some parenting tips too –  what to share (and not) with your Kids about Sex.

Kindly like,subscribe and share this sexual wisdom with your peeps :-)

Help us activate the next level of Passion and Love around the Globe.

When you take some of this into your life and apply it, you make our purpose come true…do share how these videos effect you,as well as insights and questions.

Love and Hugs throughout your day!

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Why do rape,abuse and co-dependency exist? – 185

Some suffer from all types of results of unhealthy boundaries.

Many have moved beyond unhealthy, co-dependant relationships into strong boundaries and health.

And there are some, maybe you,who now yearn for what’s next in their journey of Love and Sex.

Here we go into…

  • What we really want deep inside, sexually
  • What we really want emotionally
  • How to have it all without sacrificing your safety and power

Lots of real examples here to take back to your Lover :-)))

Much Love and Passion to You dearest Friends!

Kindly like,subscribe and share this video and help us Ignite Passion all over the World – Gracias,Gratitude and Embrace…we love and appreciate you.

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I can’t stand those slutty “bitc#es”! – 184

Some ladies just get under your skin when they’re reacting,slutty, show offy and dirty!
This masterpiece from Suzanne invites you to…

  • See these repelling qualities as (believe it or not) sexy traits to embrace
  • Embrace these type of people as sisters to learn from (again, believe it or not)
  • Magnify the full spectrum of your inherent radiance and cultivate the very quality that turns you off – that is the thing that most likely turns on your partner

This session is deep and juicy so sit back,loosen some buttons and soak it up.

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